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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  August 25, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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newspaper photo caption filled with ethnic stereotypes. now the publisher fired the person responsible and calls it a cultural misunderstanding because the man who wrote the slurs isn't from the u.s. >> he comes from a background where these are cute sayings. >> that's how the publisher explains this caption. racial slurs describing asians are used in place of real names. the worker didn't follow proper procedures and was fired this morning. >> the rest of us are to be chastised for not catching it. >> does it address the issue of making sure people have the right sense? >>. >> reporter: this woman is the former head of the human rights commission. she says it's disrespectful and that the paper, which recently posted an online apology, should have acted faster. the picture was taken at this restaurant last week at a
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political fund-raiser for a city councilman. rerea he demanded a personal apology and they are working with the community to organize a meeting between the two. the former philadelphia city councilman spent three years in prison for racketeering and tack evasion. he says when he saw the caption, his reaction wasn't good. >> i wanted to choke him. >> how could someone write these kinds of captions to begin with? >> the publisher apologized to anyone offended by the picture and that he believes interest in the story is dieing down. when he was in city council, he represented the first district which includes, of course, chinatown. the con electrover have i is reminiscent of a another mistake
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that led to national outrage. it happened after the crash of an asian airlines jet. a tv station read a list of of supposedly the pilots on the list. the names were fake and offensive. four staff members were fired. new information about the man who was arrested for assaulting a store clerk. he is connected to another crime in mercer county a few years ago. police say he stole $1,200 in cash from three township churches back in 2011. authorities say the man in this surveillance photo is also him. he was arrested yesterday. he is charged with aggravated sexual assault, kidnapping, robbery and other offenses for abei aattacking a store clek. officers are warning about another police impercent nation case. this one in monroe county,
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pennsylvania. pennsylvania state police tell us this happened around 3:00 a.m. yesterday in hamilton township. a dark gray sedan with flashing lights tried to pull the victims over on route 33. the driver got out of the car and started screaming obscenities at the victims. a passenger got out and threatened to shoot them. the men drove away whether they saw the victims on their cell phone. the little girl thought her attacker was a man. prosecutors insist the woman on trial is the lone person responsible for kidnapping a kindergartner. prosecutors say she is the woman seen here disguised here. we are hearing disturbing new details about what happened next. lu ann cahn was inside the courtroom. she's live at center city. >> reporter: in opening
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said that the victim in this case was brutalized and that shouldn't happen to anybody. but then he pointed to his own that lady sitting there, she was raped. throughout the day's first testimony and graphic opening arguments, the woman did not react. in a black sweater, she looked down at papers as prosecutors told jurors that she assaulted the 5-year-old she kidnapped with an unknown sharp object. the injury to damaging, the child needed surgery and a temporary colostomy bag. a woman who said she was the child's mother took her out of school january 14th last year. no one checked her identity. she was dressed in muslim gash. prosecutors say that was part of her plan, that she took the child to her home in a laundry
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bag blindfolded telling her it was a man doing terrible things to her. prosecutors say there was no man, just her. the jury was told not only will they hear testimony from the young victim in this case, they will hear from another young girl who says she was inappropriately touched. the prosecutor says when the child threatened to tell the secret, she cut off the child's braids. her defense attorney told the jury to keep an open mind. he raised questions about how his small client could be the larger woman seen in this surveillance video. he surprised the court by telling the jury she was sexually assaulted by her own father in 2005 and raped by an unknown assailant in 2012. the child's civil attorney says there can be no sympathy when they hear about the scars his client has suffered. >> she has the most brutal, horrible assault on her that you could imagine. and it is something that is
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unthinkable and it is something that needs to be punished. >> reporter: the attorney says he does expect to put his client on the stand before the end of this trial. she told the judge she is not guilty of any of the crimes that she's accused of. testimony continues tomorrow. live at the criminal justice cent center, lu ann cahn. a guilty plea today. this man admitted he was under the influence when his car slammed into an suv back in 2012. the suv then plowed into pedestrians in south philadelphia. an 11-year-old girl was killed that day. three other people were hospitalized. today he pleaded guilty to charges that include assault and driving under the influence. a live look at cape may on a dangerous day at the shore. lifeguards are warning about rip
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curre currents. on this busy week before labor day weekend, some shore towns are restricting how far people can go out into the surf. lifeguards were on high alert today and they kept people away from going any deeper than their waist. the rules in harvey cedar was more strict. the dangerous conditions are fuelled by onshore winds, a new moon and cristobal. >> the guards are being extra vigilant, keeping people in front of them. we are keeping them shallower. >> the restrictions come during the last big week of summer, when most beach patrols have fewer available lifeguards because many of them have already gone back to college. let's go to glenn "hurricane" schwartz. how long is this rip current risk going to last? >> pretty much the entire week, because cristobal is not moving very much.
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stick out in the atlantic. keeps spinning up waves. it's going to keep coming. we have had this northeast wind coming for the last couple of days. that churns up the water. then we have a new moon. wheth that affects the tide. of course, the tropical storm added to the mix. there it is, cristobal. you can see the thunderstorms building up around the center. not that well organized. but it's going to gradually move closer and closer. the waves come up from the southeast. it contrasts with the winds from the northeast. things get messed up here. it happens throughout the week. that's the way it's going to be. a question is, will it last into the holiday weekend? are we going to get this great weather lasting that long? the seven-day is coming up. >> we will see you then. a stray bullet hits inches from a sleeping toddler.
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tonight, authorities in delaware county are on the hunt for whoever fired that shot. it happened just before 11:00 last night on walnut street in darby. that's not far from darby elementary school. police found several bullet casings at the scene. it's the second time they have been called to this area in the last ten days. >> this could have been extremely serious. people fire weapons and don't understand where that round is going to go after they fire it. whom ever they were shooting at. someone had to see something. >> police in darby will go door to door handing out flyers and looking for leads. philadelphia police are questioning a person of interest in the murders of two women inside a northeast philadelphia row home. police were called to this neighborhood saturday night. they found 67-year-old dolly evans and 57-year-old ruby thomas shot in the head
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execution-style. investigators say thomas may also have been strangled. she had a cord around her neck. police believe the killer knew his victims and there was no sign of forced entry into the home. 4,500 people turned out to pay their respects to the teenager. spike lee, reverend al sharpton and jesse jackson as well as three white house representatives were among the mourners here. investigators say the 18-year-old was shot and killed in ferguson more than two weeks ago, turning that town into a flashpoint for racial tension. a new jersey law maker calling for a review of the
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equipment. it's worth more than $5 million. nbc news is in ferguson. look for a live report in 20 minutes on "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. next on nbc 10 news at 6:00 -- >> one injured helicopter on its side. apparently it's leaking fuel. >> the dispatch called after a helicopter crashed. what else we're learning about that aircraft. plus taney on "today." what happened when the hometown heros visited 30 rock. summer is almost over. find out if the weather is going to cooperate for the labor day weekend. don't miss my nbc 10 first alert forecast.
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breaking news in. sky force 10 live over the scene of this fire. this is in the spring garden neighborhood of philadelphia. this is on north 12th street. lots of smoke pouring from the building. smoke billowing from the
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residential home on the north 12th street in spring garden. we see fire crews on the scene. no word yet on how many people have been evacuated. this is a town home here in the spring garden neighborhood. as sky force 10 zeros in, it looks like activity on the second floor. it looks like most of the smoke coming from the second floor of this townhome on north 12th street. we will bring you more information in terms of who is in this building and whether there are any injuries. stay with nbc 10 and for the latest on the fire here in spring garden. tonight, we are hearing the dispatch calls that followed a helicopter crash at the jersey shore earlier today. >> station 77 on response. in the field for a helicopter
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field. >> one injured. >> nbc 10 has been following this story for you throughout the day. we first told you about it this morning at 11:00. sky force 10 over of the scene. this was a sports field in cape may courthouse. the helicopter belongs to the department of mosquito control. the helicopter was on its way back to base after doing routine mosquito surveying. the pilot and an employee on board had to be taken to the hospital as a precaution. the pilot not hurt. officials say this could have been much worse. >> we are blessed no one else was hurt. this came down in an area that was not populated, we didn't hit any homes and there weren't kids out here practicing fall sports. while it's a bad accident, we were lucky no one else was hurt. >> investigators will try to figure out what went wrong. the manufacturer promotes
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this as a flying pickup truck. we have posted new details about this aircraft. it's on the pride of philadelphia, the taney dragons made their "today" show debut. they are riding the wave of an historic run. they joined matt lauer to talk about the team's world series experience. the dragons may not have won the series, but have they won the hearts of people across the country. this morning, mo'ne told the nation what it feels like to make it as far as the team did. >> feels amazing. being from the city and make it to the little league world series and to be one of the 16 top teams in the world, it's amazing. >> yes, it is. the dragons finished third among the 7,000 u.s. little league teams and became the first team from philadelphia to make it to
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the little league world series. we are proud of them. that was an amazing run. as far as baseball is concerned, the phillies have good weather over the next couple of days. the record is not so hot. we will be getting hot around here, near 90 before the week is out. we are watching cristobal. it's a tropical storm now. may become a hurricane. a holiday forecast coming up. end of the official or unofficial summer season. you can see a lot of sunshine out here. a few clouds in the background. 85 degrees. that's the feels-like temperature. no wind right now. it's six degrees warmer than this time yesterday. the warming trend has begun. it's not that humid. it doesn't feel so bad. tomorrow we will be up to 88. then on wednesday, we're up near
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90. that's where that trend stops. right now, we are in the 70s in allentown. 78 degrees. 80 in pottstown and doylestown. 81 in washington township and wilmington. 82 in trenton. and at the shore, of course, it's been cooler. avalon is 77. a lot of sunshine. it doesn't get real warm right at the beaches in this pattern. a few high clouds coming in from the west. totally harmless, not going to bother anybody. the more significant clouds and showers and thunderstorms in chicago. not moving very much. as it churns up the water in the atlantic, keeps spreading the waves out this direction. it's going to track between the u.s. east coast and bermuda and
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then make that right turn. might become a hurricane. our issue is going to be with the rip currents through a good bit of this week. tonight, 65 degrees. comfortable. 56 north and west. tomorrow will be fairly comfortable. it's getting warmer. 88 degrees. that's a little above average for this time of the year, at least the humidity is down. then the temperature goes up even more. wednesday, 91. a chance of an afternoon shower. then the humidity goes back down and it gets nice and comfortable thursday and friday. heats back up over the labor day weekend. it is likely to be a hot and humid weekend. the best clahance for showers looks to be labor day. coming up, could mark sanchez be on the move? ryne sandberg tries to put player discrepancies to rest.
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mark sanchez is the eagles backup at quarterback. could he be packing up? sanchez has been impressive this season completing 80% of his throws. now the rams have a hole after their starter tore his acl. why the connection? sanchez spent two seasons under the current rams offensive coordinator. here is what sanchez had to say about the rumors. >> i don't worry about it. i just -- i love being here. i hope you guys can see that.
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i'm happy out there. it's good to be back playing ball, to be healthy again. i love this place. >> we are very glad we have him. i think he's added a lot to this team. sure, a lot of people should want him. but we have him. that's the reality. >> school is back in session. high school football is back with a ven death. vote for our blitz game of the week. go to or our facebook page to vote once per day. or call or text your vote to 610-624-4111. the game with the most votes will be featured every saturday night at 7:00 right here on nbc 10. to baseball, the phillies have won two straight series for the first time since april. you might not think the manager's decisions would be questioned. ryne sandberg has had to deal with disgruntled players.
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s he has dealt with each player individually and explains how he deals with these types of situations. >> in some instances, it's a coaching moment going forward with young players. other times, it's setting something straight. it's having a conversation about it and being direct and letting them know what my expectations are. >> the phillies host the nationals at the ballpark tonight. that's going to do it for sports. >> thank you. tonight at 11:00, a 30% tax hike for some homeowners in south jersey. residents fight back and ask where the money is going.
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a little bit of heat? >> it's going to warm up. by wednesday, 91 degrees, a little bit higher humidity.
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then we cool down and a hot labor day weekend. >> for all of us here at nbc 10, thanks for watching. on the broadcast tonight, aftershocks rumbling in california. tonight, why scientists say this time we dodged a bullet. but is it a sign of things to come? plus, the deep impact on the price of wine. under the mask. tonight intelligence officials think they know who killed james foley. now, how will the u.s.respond? air scare, an unusual threat involving an american airlines passenger that scrambled fighter jets and caused the pilot to make an emergency landing. and sleeping in, the new push from the nation's most influential group of pediatricians. for the first time, why they're urging schools to start the day later. "nightly news" begins now.


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